I'm Gabriel i think in English, dream in spanish, and live in spanglish, these are some of the things that i find inspiring!

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The upcoming tiny house documentary film Small is Beautiful has proclaimed itself to be “not about tiny house porn"…
     …but apparently there is some serious book porn in their promo video for these indie notebooks. The process short-film is repleat with sultry syncopation by a 60 year old letter press, an offset print press and other cool vintage industrial items which form a backdrop for the warm smiles of independent artist Melissa Rachel Black and master publisher Ellery Harvey of Scout Books as they wax passionate about their processes.
So, if you like process short-films you may dig it.

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Making lunch exciting

San Francisco-based blogger and father-of-three Beau Coffron, better known as the Lunchbox Dad, creates little edible art pieces in lunch boxes that his daughter takes with her to school.

Beau knows every story and fictional character that his first-grader likes to play with, watch or read about. As soon as a fictional character finds their way to the girl’s heart, they find their way to her lunchbox as well, with her creative and loving father’s help. The two of them recently finished reading “The Chronicles Of Narnia,” so her lunch has lately been cut and organized to look like characters from these classic books.

Although he’s happily married with three kids and a full-time job, Beau still finds time to create these Bento boxes for his daughter, and sometimes for his other children as well, even though they’re still too young for school. He says it’s a great way to bond with his kids and learn more about their developing personalities.


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Hello yes 👅


Hello yes 👅

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Next stop: Gothenburg #yootieburgie @barcustw


Next stop: Gothenburg #yootieburgie @barcustw

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Mount Rainier, Washington. Photo by @samuelelkins  (at liveauthentic.us)


Mount Rainier, Washington. Photo by @samuelelkins (at liveauthentic.us)

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drip (by **mog**)

drip (by **mog**)

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