I'm Gabriel i think in English, dream in spanish, and live in spanglish, these are some of the things that i find inspiring!

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Balancing Minimalism and Whimsy with @wideeyedlegless

For more of Madelynn’s beautifully crisp photos, follow @wideeyedlegless on Instagram.

Years ago, artist Madelynn Furlong (@wideeyedlegless) turned to Instagram in search of a new creative outlet. Madelynn is now a successful designer, stylist and blogger in Minneapolis, and her photos on Instagram continue as an expression of her art, refined into a casually elegant, almost black-and-white style.

"Over the past few years I have been slowly rooting myself in minimalism," she explains, "and my feed isn’t the only thing that has turned basically black and white—my house and wardrobe both have as well!" Although her photos often feature sleek interiors and crisp fashions, Madelynn says that it’s her own personality that makes her work special: "I focus on contrast, clean lines and the rule of thirds—but still with a heavy dose of whimsy because that is what makes me, me. When it comes down to it, just take pictures of things that you think are beautiful and inspire you. That’s all that truly matters!"

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Beard and Flowers
As requested by…well, pretty much everyone

wah so hot



Beard and Flowers

As requested by…well, pretty much everyone

wah so hot

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The upcoming tiny house documentary film Small is Beautiful has proclaimed itself to be “not about tiny house porn"…
     …but apparently there is some serious book porn in their promo video for these indie notebooks. The process short-film is repleat with sultry syncopation by a 60 year old letter press, an offset print press and other cool vintage industrial items which form a backdrop for the warm smiles of independent artist Melissa Rachel Black and master publisher Ellery Harvey of Scout Books as they wax passionate about their processes.
So, if you like process short-films you may dig it.

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